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Security Camera Guru brings you the voice clarity to every individual in your office by installing your business phones accurately!

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Business phone systems should be precise and clear especially when it comes to incoming, outgoing and conference calls!

Security Camera Guru are professionals in business phone system installation and have been more than 20 years in the industry!

Our team does a site-check of the area to be able to map out where and how the phone connections and wirings should be placed.

FREE SITE SURVEY: We will not quote you prices unless we see the area first. This is to certify that our work makes sense to our prices. We won’t quote you for things you wouldn’t need or things that we did not use!

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WE GIVE YOU SUGGESTIONS: There are various of phone types that could suit your business but we will give you the suggestions that will fit your budget and your business needs.

WARRANTY AND SUPPORT: Our team is ready to support you whenever your system has technical difficulties. We don’t stop at the installation but we will also give you assistance whenever you are experiencing problems with the system.

Keep your business phone system installation in the hands of the best in Metro Detroit!

The phone repair system that suits you!

The Ideal Phone System for Your Business

Business phone systems is essential in every professional and commercial organization. It may be one of the previous modes of communication however, it is still one of the most effective type of communication there is.

Setting up phone system for your business may be confusing. Here are the types of phone systems that is good for your business.

1 - Traditional Landline Phones

* A traditional landline phone is a wired phone, sometimes uses fiber optics, and is mostly used to call outgoing and accept incoming calls. Having a phone is good for your brand because this is a validation that your business is legitimate. Your customers can validate if your business is real and running.

2 - Virtual Phone System

* Virtual phone systems are perfect for your team especially if they are located remotely. Virtual phone systems are used to call clients even when your employees are in another location. Cabling and phone jack is not needed in this type of phone system however, a dialer is used to connect to a network.

3 - VoIP Phone System

* Also known as voice-over-IP. This type of phone system uses the power of the internet to connect to calls. VoIP calls are usually used for conferences. There wouldn’t be any phone box needed with this type of phone system.

Phone system is essential when you are running a business. This is not only to communicate with your clients or customers but also to communicate with your employees or your team.

Security Camera Guru can set-up and install your business phone system. With over 20 years of experience in running wiring, Security Camera Guru is the expert phone installer and technician who can do this service or repair in every room of your house or commercial property. with an affordable cost. Coverage won’t be a problem when you let us take care of installation. If the building is new, better to let us look at your place while in construction. With Security Camera Guru, your phone system wouldn’t go wrong for a price you’ll love.